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Artist Guidlines

The Gallery of Fine Arts & Crafts is exclusive to handcrafted, original works of art (artists’ prints permitted) and all artists must be accepted to exhibit. Gallery exhibitors are selected by a screening committee, based on submitted images and application. Qualifications include quality, originality, and creativity. A limited
number of artists per category will be accepted to provide a balanced show. Booth space is assigned based on category and receipt of completed application and fees. Accepted exhibitors must exhibit the entire show. The following information applies to ALL exhibiting artists. Please read carefully before submitting an application. If unable to meet our criteria, please do not apply.


  • ABSOLUTELY NO BUY/RESELL; Commercially manufactured items, items made exclusively from commercial molds, and mass-produced items are prohibited, including manufactured kit objects, retail, or imported items. TroyFest committee has the right to remove vendors with commercial wares from the festival. Final definition

  • of commercial vendors is at the committee’s discretion.


  • Exhibitors may not share booth space(s) unless they have submitted a joint application and have been accepted as such, nor may they sublet or apportion space to anyone else.


  • Overnight security service is not provided. Although care will be taken to avoid hazards to artwork, TroyFest is not responsible for any losses or damage to displays or artwork.


  • Exhibitors bear the responsibility for all setup needs for their booth. Stakes may not be placed in the street. Please make other plans to secure your booth space. (Weights and anchors are suggested, downtown Troy can be very windy.) 50′ – 100′ power cord is suggested for electrical needs.


  • Absent Exhibitors are considered a NO SHOW and will forfeit their space and booth fee if they are not on the street and setting up by 8 a.m. Saturday morning of the festival.


  • Amplified music must be limited and appropriate.


  • No ribbons or awards from other shows may be displayed.


  • No discount sale signs may be displayed.


  • For safety reasons, exhibitors must confine themselves to the marked space. Spaces are approximately 10’ wide by 15’ deep. (close to a regular sized parking space) If your tent is larger than the designated exhibit space you will need to purchase an additional space.


  •  All Gallery of Fine Arts booth spaces will have a walking space/open aisle on a minimum of two sides. Items not displayed for sale must be stored in an orderly manner behind tent or hidden within display.


  • Exhibitor s should provide the following:

a. Three (3) digital images (CDs accepted) for each category entered.

b. One photo of display/booth

c. Description of each image, including price


  • Artists must show for the entire festival to be eligible for award(s). Vendors will not be allowed to load-in or load-out during festival hours. Moving vehicles during festival hours is considered hazardous and reckless and vendors will be subject to the jurisdiction of the City of Troy Police Department.


  • All judging will be done Saturday beginning at 10 a.m. The judges reserve the right to travel the show and evaluate the exhibits in the manner they choose.


  • Artwork must be suitably framed or mounted to be eligible for judging. Portfolios can be for sale but will not be judged. All entries must be for sale.


  • A vending permit is obtained from the city for you by the show, which is included in your booth fee.


Descriptions of Categories

  1. Painting – Oils, acrylics, watercolor, mixed media

  2. Pottery – Stoneware, raku, porcelain

  3. Jewelry – Must be handcrafted. No commercially made items will be allowed!

  4. Photography – Black and white & color Photography. Digital photography will be accepted if mounted & framed.

  5. Graphics & Drawing – pastel, etchings, serographs, pen & ink, pencil, calligraphy, mixed drawing media

  6. Sculpture – three dimensional art forms in wood, clay, metal and glass

  7. Functional Traditional Crafts – furniture, kitchen and desk items, leather, baskets, musical instruments, wood working, soft sculpture, children and adult apparel and weaving

  8. Decorative Traditional Crafts – wall hangings, stained glass, tapestry, birdhouses, garden art, floral items

  9. Spirit of Jean Lake Folk Art – art that can be described as self-taught, outside, primitive or visionary and whose original work evokes southern heritage in their medium of choice.




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